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TraNet, in collaboration with AdexAkademi, focuses on sustainability and carbon footprint. With our expert partner certified by DAkks (German Accreditation Body), we offer our services as one of the 16 organizations worldwide that holds this accreditation. We can verify, validate and offer a set of training and consultancy to reduce the carbon footprint of your organization. 

With AdexAkademi we also provide comprehensive training and consultancy services in road safety and fleet management operations. This includes expertise in Defensive Driving, Anti-Skid and Anti Roll-Over techniques, Off-Road and Eco Driving, Night Drive and Fatigue Management, Load Safety, and Driver Coaching. 

TraNet and AdexAkademi set together industry standards, operate as an advanced Assessment Center, and offer a specialized auditing program for dealer standards in the automotive industry. Our services extend to automotive retail and wholesale sectors. Partnering with us ensures enhanced workforce proficiency and safety across the board.

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